It’s time to break free.

Are you at college and thinking about your next steps, or looking for a rewarding job? There are so many opportunities in care and health for people who are caring, committed and courageous.

You can start a job with training, including an apprenticeship, or you can choose from a range of health and social courses at colleges and universities.

Whichever path you choose you’ll make a massive difference to someone’s life.

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Phoebe - wellbeing facilitator

Searching for a job

There’s huge demand for high quality care and health workers, with more people seeking assistance than ever before.

You don’t necessarily need any qualifications or previous work experience to get a job in care and health. What’s really important is your values and attitude towards working with people who need care and support.

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Valerio - registered nurse

Find a role that suits you

There are hundreds of different jobs in care and health, depending on what you want to do, who you want to work with and where you want to work.

Many jobs have opportunities to develop and progress and, in a sector that’s constantly changing, there’ll always be new and exciting roles.

Read more about the different roles you could do.

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Lizzie - child health student nurse

Training and education

If you’re new to care and health your employer will support you with on-the-job training. This means you can earn while you learn and, on completion of an induction programme, receive a Care Certificate.

If you’d like to complete health and social care training before looking for a job, there are a range of health and social care courses at colleges and universities across Devon.

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