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Louise, 50, is a domiciliary care worker, helping people to live in their homes for longer and retain independence. Find out about Louise’s journey and how she found her calling.

Furlough gave me a chance to rethink my career.

At the time the pandemic hit I was working in the warehouse of a department store. Following a return to the workplace after 99 days on furlough I discovered that my role had changed. That gave me the opportunity to re-think my career and I decided, now was the time to make a change.

I was incredibly impressed and inspired by the people working in care.

A few years ago, my Great Aunt had suffered a nasty fall and needed care. I remember being incredibly impressed and inspired by the people who looked after her and wondered at the time whether this would be a good career for me. I had previously worked as a baker and a hairdresser, so had lots of different experience and skills that I felt could be transferred into care.

I knew of a charity supporting individuals with learning and physical disabilities, so when I saw they were advertising for a domiciliary care worker, I jumped at the chance.

Six months in and I love my job.

I enjoy the independence of the role, travelling around to see my clients in their own homes. I get to deal with lots of different people, from the ages of 20 something upwards to 90 plus. My clients all have different needs, but my role enables them to live in their homes for longer and retain more independence.

Every day brings something different: a new situation, something to deal with, someone else to meet, but whatever the situation is and however challenging, you just deal with it. Now six months in, I still love my job. It’s a nice feeling when you leave them knowing they’re okay.

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