Care worker and older lady playing scrabble

Meet Lauren an activities coordinator in a Residential Home in Newton Abbot. Read more about her story below and what it is like to work as an activities coordinator.

Lauren has been working in a Residential Home for nearly 5 years. After completing her Level 3 Health and Social Care qualification at her local sixth form, Lauren started her career as a care assistant. Lauren is passionate about the job, she felt this was right for her and she hasn’t looked back. Over the last year Lauren has progressed on to the activities coordinator role as wanted to give more time to supporting and caring for the residents in a different way.

The activities support residents with their communication and improve their wellbeing

An activities coordinator organises activities for residents within the home whilst providing 1 to 1 support. The activities are wide-ranging, from crafts to baking, to bingo. The activities aim to engage the residents, support their communication, enable the residents to socialise, and improve their wellbeing. The activities give the opportunity for the residents to express themselves. At the Residential Care Home where Lauren works, they support a range of older aged adults with different disabilities and dementia. Planning the activities for everyone can be a bit of a challenge but Lauren has found the balance by offering choice in a range of activities so all can take part.

Providing one to one support allows me to really connect and engage with residents

In Lauren’s role she organises and coordinates external professionals to come to the residential home to provide a wide range of experiences from singers, therapy dogs, exercise classes and much more. Lauren also plans activities around events in the calendar from Easter craft to Christmas baking. Her time is spilt by organizing and delivering the group activities for the day, and then offering the 1 to 1 time, giving the residents individual support. Offering the 1 to 1 support gives the chance for Lauren to really connect and engage with the residents.

To be an activities coordinator you have to be kind and compassionate. Being social, friendly, and approachable is really key to the role. Encouraging and enabling the residents see the value in taking part in activities, and exploring creative ways to support a wide range of different people is essential for the role.

The best part of the role is having fun!

Lauren finds the best part of her role is providing that 1 to 1 time; it allows quality time to have fun! Where else would you be able to hear and learn all the wonderful stories and really understand and get to know the residents.

There are so many options for further career progression

While doing her role, Lauren is also completing a Level 4 in Health and Social Care qualification. This educational opportunity will open doors for further career options. Lauren’s advice for starting out in social care is to look after yourself. It can be challenging; remember to have kindness and compassion and seeing the reward of the impact of the work that you do is amazing. If you’re interested in becoming an activities coordinator Lauren says to “go for it!”

The role of the activities coordinator has a huge impact on the residents wellbeing and health. The activities and the opportunity for 1 to 1 support enables residents to have purpose, motivation and the chance to explore new things.

If, like Lauren, you’re kind, compassionate, and would like to see the reward of becoming a activities coordinator, you can find more information on our careers pages.