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Meet Chris, a Social Care Assessor in the Adult Community Health and Social Care Team, in East Devon. Chris works with adults of all ages including people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and older people, assessing their eligibility for packages of care.

I wanted to progress my career and still have a meaningful job

Chris started his career working for a private care organisation, before progressing to work in the Arranging Support Team at Devon County Council, and then becoming a Social Care Assessor. Whilst working as a Social Care Assessor, Chris realised that he wanted to become a Social Worker, and is now studying to do this, alongside his current role. Having the opportunity to progress his career, gain qualifications, and train to be a qualified Social Worker whilst working has been an important factor for Chris, having a mortgage and a family to support.

I feel really supported in my role, but I also have flexibility and autonomy

The work can be complex, and Chris is not always expected to know the answers straight away; there is always a manager or colleague available to support. In the community team Chris has a lot of flexibility and autonomy to find the right solutions for each individual, which is helpful when working alongside people in different situations.

I like hearing about people’s lives and their stories; every day is different

Chris’ role involves assessing people’s eligibility for packages of care, but it’s so much more than that. Chris will link with a range of professionals including GP’s, Nurses, Occupational Therapists and Care Providers, as well as families, to ensure each individual has their needs met. Chris enjoys getting to know people and finding out what’s important to them, which is essential for this role.

As everyone is different, the role requires you solve problems based on the needs of each individual, so every day is different. Empowering people and supporting them to exercise their rights is an important part of the job.

Having flexibility is important to me

Doing a job that is flexible around family life is important for Chris, having two young children. The role can be challenging; Chris is dedicated and motivated, and also finds it very rewarding, knowing he can make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Having grown up in Devon, Chris feels very lucky to live and have a career here, doing a job he loves!

If, like Chris, you’d like the flexibility, challenge, and reward of becoming a Social Care Assessor, you can find more information on our careers pages.