A older women in a wheelchair smiling at a carer wearing a face mask

Expected to earn

The average wage for this role in Devon from £10.39 to £12.85 per hour. Depending on the role, you may be required to work or be on call during the evenings, weekends, and bank holidays. However, there are opportunities to work Monday to Friday.

Skills and values

There are a range of skills and values that are needed to work as a senior care assistant. These include:

  • Excellent communication, observational and listening skills
  • Good verbal, digital, written and numeracy skills
  • Lead with confidence and work under pressure
  • Excellent time keeping and organisational skills

Entry requirements

You will need to have experience of working in care plus qualifications in Health & Social Care. You must also have at least a Level 2 qualification (GCSE or Functional Skills) in Maths and English.

What roles can I do to gain experience?

  • Care Assistant
  • Volunteering

Opportunities to develop

You can explore apprenticeships to develop your knowledge and understanding from Level 3 Lead adult care worker, Level 4 Lead practitioner in adult care, these apprenticeships can take from 18 months to complete. You may wish to branch into the management side of the business or gain a registered professional qualification and become a Nursing Associate, a Registered Nurse, or a Social Worker.

What's next

  • Management
  • Nursing Associate
  • Nurse
  • OT

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