Lady with zimmer frame in garden with reablement worker

Expected to earn

Salary (full time hrs 37.5) starts at £21.730 after two years rising to £23.177. Hourly rate – £11.11. Enhanced rates for Saturday/evenings after 21.00 plus 35% and Sunday/public holiday plus 69%.

Skills and values

There are a range of skills and values that are needed to work as a reablement worker. These include:

  • Excellent communication, observational and listening skills
  • Good verbal, digital, written and numeracy skills
  • Treating people with dignity and respect
  • Ability to follow policy and procedures and good organisation, record keeping skills
  • Ability to lone work and communicate effectively with other professionals
  • Wanting to make a difference to help people regain their independence

Entry requirements

Experience of working in a caring environment and able to demonstrate an understanding of health and safety and safeguarding issues.

What roles can I do to gain experience?

  • Volunteering
  • Care Assistant

Opportunities to develop

You will complete an induction which will include the Care Certificate. You will also undergo mandatory training such as health and safety, first aid, and moving and handling. You might also receive specific training based on individual care needs. You will have opportunity to develop further specialised training.

What's next

  • Senior Care Assistant
  • Occupational therapist

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